Currently in Development

HIT Commons is a shared public/private governance model designed to accelerate and advance Health Information Technology adoption and use across the state. It is co-sponsored by Oregon Health Leadership Council and Oregon Health Authority.

Oregon Community Information Exchange (OCIE)

The HIT Commons is beginning new work in the evolving landscape of social determinants of health (SDoH). Earlier this year, the HIT Commons Governance Board directed HIT staff to begin exploration and conceptual development of an Oregon Community Information Exchange (Oregon CIE). The Oregon CIE would include a data repository of shared community resources that connects health care, human and social services partners to improve the health and well-being of communities. A technology platform supporting an OCIE could provide many functions, including statewide social services directory, shared risk assessment capabilities, real-time closed loop referral management, collaborative care plans and standardized outcomes and data analysis.

HIT Commons staff are currently conducting an environmental scan to determine what efforts are underway in Oregon and how other states are approaching healthcare and SDoH integration. In Summer 2019, the HIT Commons Governance Board will review the findings and discuss options for moving forward.

If you would like to provide input into the Oregon CIE environmental scan, please email:

Liz Whitworth

Oregon Provider Directory (OPD)

The Problem We Are Solving

Managing and accessing accurate provider directory data today is inefficient and burdensome for many health care entities and providers. Having accurate provider and practice data is critical. Providers use this information to coordinate care for their patients and health organizations (like health plans) use it in their patient-facing directories.  

One Trusted Place to Find Providers

The Oregon Provider Directory (OPD) will serve as a state-wide directory of accurate, trusted provider data for health care providers. The data will include provider names, practice locations, and contact information, including health information exchange addresses. By making this data available to providers, the OPD will support care coordination, health information exchange, administrative efficiencies, and serve as a resource for heath analytics—ultimately improving patient care. High-quality data sources that feed the OPD will be matched and aggregated. Data stewards will oversee management of the data to ensure that it maintains initial and long-term quality information.  Please see additional details on the OPD Fact Sheet:

What to Expect

The OPD will rollout incrementally. User acceptance testing (UAT) will occur in summer 2019, followed by soft launch with a small set of interested organizations. HIT Commons is coordinating with OHA on the soft launch phase and engaging stakeholders in the effort. Soft launch is a time when selected user groups will test the OPD and report where they find value based on a chosen set of use cases. Successful soft launch will signal that the OPD is ready for wider use.

For more information about the OPD or to learn how HIT Commons is supporting this effort, please email:

Liz Whitworth