Evidence Based Best Practices

The OHLC Evidence Based Best Practices Work Group is chartered to recommend and execute community and/or statewide evidence based best practice strategies.

These evidence based best practice strategies are aimed at the high cost drivers of commercial premiums and the costs of publicly funded programs, within the context of the triple AIM.  Work considered will be areas of high variation where applying evidence or best practices can support waste elimination, improve quality or reduce harm to the patient.

EBBP initiatives:

  • Build on best practices already existing within the health care system, or being considered for implementation by health plans or health systems, and have or can readily gain the broad support of providers to achieve a new community standard
  • Are intended to achieve cost reductions and improved quality using evidence based best practices and execution of waste elimination strategies
  • Clearly identify and measure outcomes
  • Initiatives will consider pay for performance or benefit designs to support implementation of the initiative
  • Be reported back to the Council on a regular basis

EBBP works with CCOs across the state to leverage efforts that support transformation across all market segments, as well as evaluating and recommending support for other non-OHLC community and statewide efforts to accomplish the same goals