The Emergency Department Information Exchange (EDIE) and PreManage are web based communication tools that provide real time information to support statewide efforts to reduce ED utilization, improve care coordination and management.

EDIE:  EDIE technology provides real time alerts that allow emergency department clinicians to identify patients who visit the emergency department more than five times or have had an IP admission in a 12- month period. By July 2014, all hospitals in Oregon had adopted EDIE. ED physicians have subsequently reported finding significant value in receiving these notifications, which in addition to providing information about utilization, may include providers and care managers involved in the management of the patient, relevant patient background and brief care recommendations.

PreManage:  PreManage is a complementary product to EDIE that allows hospital event information (ED and Inpatient admissions and discharges) to be sent real time to health plans, CCO’s and provider groups on a real-time basis for specified member or patient populations. The desired result is that through improved communication and information sharing, hospitals, providers and health plans will be empowered to provide higher quality care to patients, identify patients at risk for hospital readmission, reduce burdensome duplication of tests, and ultimately reduce reliance on costly EDs through better coordination of care.

EDIE Utility:  The EDIE Utility is a statewide initiative that enables a common service or utility of patient hospital event information from across the state. The Utility provides financial sustainability for EDIE for the first three years, ensuring that EDIE continues to provide real time notifications to emergency departments. The EDIE Governance Committee is accountable for carrying out the responsibilities of the EDIE Utility.

EDIE Operations Committee:  The EDIE Operations Committee recommends priorities and strategies to the EDIE Governance Committee that facilitate the widespread adoption and meaningful use of EDIE/PreManage. The committee oversees the work of the Care Recommendations, Data Analytics and Product Development workgroups.

Community Collaboration:  In addition to the work being done by individual organizations, there have been several community level pilots/projects to bring organizations together (hospitals, health plans, providers) to identify how to use the EDIE/PreManage tools to better coordinate care across organizations. Benefits cited by participants include reduced duplication of efforts, better insight into who is involved with the patient, ability to see the same information, discuss cases and assist each other.

EDIE/PreManage Resources:  An EDIE/PreManage Learning Community has been established to enable the spread of best practices and general information sharing in the community of EDIE and PreManage users. The Learning Community provides a central repository of resources and tools as well as promoting peer networking through discussion forums. In addition, OHLC supports and facilitates statewide and regional learning collaboratives and user community groups.

For more information about the EDIE/PreManage Learning Community contact Ali@orhealthleadershipcouncil.org.