PDMP Gateway

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Gateway is a secure online tool that helps increase the quality of patient care in Oregon by giving authorized prescribers and dispensers access to their patients’ schedule ll-V controlled substance prescription medication history from within their clinical workflow.

The gateway model was selected to facilitate the ability for multiple HIT systems to integrate into a single gateway without the need for individual system connections to the PDMP database. The express purpose of the Statewide PDMP Gateway project is to improve ease of provider access to PDMP data, reducing clinician time (2.5 – 4 minutes/patient) and increase usage of patients’ medication history at the point of care.

The Statewide PDMP Gateway project will be governed by the HIT Commons, a shared public/private governance model developed to help accelerate HIT adoption and use across Oregon. The Oregon Health Leadership Council (OHLC) will serve as the fiscal agent and administrator of the project. The Oregon Health Authority was able to leverage state and federal funding to support 82% of the cost of the Statewide PDMP Gateway project. The remaining 18% of the project costs will be shared by Oregon Hospitals and Health Plans based on the OHLC dues formula. The first priority of the project is to integrate PDMP data into the ED Information Exchange (EDIE). Hospital, Provider and Pharmacy Health information systems integration will follow.